What kind of questions can be answered with Realmatch360?

  • Future incomes for DCF?

    The future rental incomes must be determined for our DCF evaluations. We know the current market prices, but the market is moving. Are the rent potentials assumed by us realistic?

    The fact that the Realmtach360 data stems from consumers who will move house in the coming months or years allows the question of potential rents to be answered not only for today, but also with a view towards the future.

  • Project’s chances of success?

    Besides an evaluation, our customers would also like to have an estimate of a project’s chances of success from us. How can the data from Realmatch360 help us here?

    The project check from Realmatch360 gives a quick overview of how well a project corresponds with demand.

    Green lights are indicators for a promising project; red lights indicate that it should be analysed again.

  • Detailed data on demand?

    We know the supply and the market results for each municipality and each market segment. On the demand side we only have the most rudimentary data at our disposal. How detailed are the future-oriented data from Realmatch360?

    Realmatch360 shows detailed information of demand for number of rooms, square metres and ability to pay for each municipality and each market segment.
    The available supply and market data therefore contains an equivalent on the demand side.

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Patrick Schnorf
Wüest Partner Powering Perspectives in Real Estate

Patrick Schnorf,
Partner, Wüest Partner

Comparing our supply data with the demand data from Realmatch360 helps us to better understand and forecast the changes in the real estate market.

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