What kind of questions can be answered with Realmatch360?

  • Demand existing?

    We are planning a residential development. What is the demand for the various residences?

    The project check from Realmatch360 gives a quick overview of how well the planned development corresponds with demand.
    Green lights are indicators for absorption without problems, while red lights indicate that the project should be analysed again.

  • Rents in line with market?

    We are planning to purchase a property which is currently fully rented out. Are the tenancies still in line with market conditions tomorrow?

    The fact that the Realmatch360 data stems from consumers who will move house in the coming months or years allows this question to be clarified not only for today, but also with a few to demand in the future.

  • Switch property manager?

    Our property management claims that they cannot rent out the residences because the rental prices are too high. Are they correct or should we change the management?

    Linking demand with the ability to pay is the actual core of Realmatch360. In this way it can be determined for each size of residence at what price a residence can be leased and where the air thins.

Customers in this category

Philippe Moulin
Warteck Invest

Philippe Moulin,
Chief Investment Officer, Warteck Invest AG

Knowing the willingness to pay offers us great advantages, be it in the planning, acquisition or marketing of properties.

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